Language Learning

Language Learning for Students [NetAcademy]

NetAcademy, a famous web-based English training program, was introduced to Kyushu University in 2004 and upgraded to NetAcademy 2 in 2007.
This program is open to all students and staff members at Kyushu University.1) standard course (TOEIC-oritented)
2) course for learners at an introductory or intermediate level (TOEIC-oriented)
3) super standard course (TOEIC-oriented)
4) technical English
5) powerup techinical English
6) medical English

Language Learning for Students [CD-ROM English Listening Software]

Kyushu University students are free to pick up the following CD-ROMs for the purpose of self-study (within 6 months) in the room #1410 on the 4th floor of the Center building No. 1 on the Ito Campus.

1 advanced, vol. 1, College Lectures
2 advanced, vol. 2, People Talk
3 advanced, vol. 3, TV-News
4 advanced, vol. 4, Movie Time
5 upper-intermediate, vol. 1, Medical English “Headache”

These CD-ROMs are designed for university students based on a learning method of the 3-round system devised by Yukio TAKEFUTA.

Language Learning for Students [Certificate Examinations]

In Japan, we could take many certificate examinations of foreign languages like the following:・ENGLISH: EIKEN (Test in Practical English Proficiency):
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): 
TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication): 
・GERMAN: German Diploma in Japan: 
・FRENCH: Practical French Proficiency Test: 
・CHINESE: TECC (Test of Communicative Chinese): 
HSK (The Chinese Proficiency Test):
Chuken (Chinese License Examination): 
・RUSSIAN: Test of Russian as a Foreign Language: 
Test for Certification of Russian Language Skills: 
・KOREAN: KLPT (Korean Language Proficiency Test): 
Korean Proficiency Test: 
The Hangul Language Proficiency Test: 
・SPANISH: Spanish Proficiency Test:?

Language Learning for Students [Overseas Language Programs]

Professors at the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, together with other people, run the following overseas language programs:

The English Program

application: May – November
Japan: December – early August
Pembroke College, the University of Cambridge: mid-August – early September
capacity: 26-35 (mainly Kyushu University students)

Language Learning for Students [Student Exchange Programs]

Kyushu University has many student exchange programs with universities and colleges all over the world called the CSP (The 21st Century Challenges in Studying Abroad Program). Exchange students from Kyushu University can study at those institutions for less than one year. They are required to have at least 79 in TOEFL-iBT or 550 in TOEFL-PBT, if they want to study in an English-speaking country.
See for details.