users  Department of Linguistic Environment

Jonathan Peter ALELES  Associate Professor International Education
Matthew Isaac ARMSTRONG Associate Professor Psycholinguistics, Curriculum Design, CLIL (Literature)
Takumi EGUCHI Professor English Linguistics
Narahiko INOUE Professor Communication
Andreas Stefan KASJAN Professor Psycholinguistics, Japanese-German Bilingualism, FLT, e-learning
Toru KURIYAMA Associate Professor German Literature
Sangmok LEE Associate Professor Computational Linguistics, Education of Japanese, Education of Korean, e-learning
Lijun LI Associate Professor Chinese modern literatureChinese teaching
Marc Jeremy LOWENSTEIN Associate Professor Creative Writing
Yoshiko MATSUMURA  Professor Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Takeshi NISHIYAMA Professor Classical Chinese Grammar , Vernacular Chinese Grammar, Contrastive Study of Chinese and Japanese
Takahiro OTSU Professor English Linguistics, Cognitive Pragmatics
Andrew Allen PAINTER Associate Professor Anthropology
Brian Thomas QUINN Associate Professor Russian and Slavic Languages and Literature
Toshihiro SHIMIZU Associate Professor Second Language Acquisition
Roger SMITH Associate Professor International Relations
Yubun SUZUKI Professor English Linguistics
Tsutomu TAKAHASHI Professor American Literature
Toshiya TANAKA Professor Historical Linguistics
Atsushi TANAMACHI Assistant Professor English Literature
Tomoyuki TSUCHIYA Assistant Professor Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, English Language Education, Natural Language Processing
Yuki TSUJINO Associate Professor Korean Linguistics
Motoyuki TSUNEKAWA Professor German lexicology and lexicography
Satoru UCHIDA Associate Professor English Linguistics (Cognitive semantics, Pragmatics, Lexicography)
Hiromi YAMAMURA Professor Spanish Linguistics
Daisuke YOKOMORI Associate Professor Interactional Linguistics, Conversation Analysis

users  Department of Multicultural Society

Yoshio ABE Professor Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
Toshihiro ABE Associate Professor Occidental History, Spanish, Area Studies of Spanish-speaking countries
Yasuyoshi AO Professor 18th Century Literature
Keita FUKUMOTO Professor moderne deutsche Literatur und Philosophie
Associate Professor  English Literature, Classics
Miyuki INABA  Associate Professor International Social Work, Public Policy, Gerontology, Social Development
Koji KOTANI Professor American Literature; American Southern Cultural History
KURAKATA Kensaku Associate Professor French Literature
Biao LIU Assistant Professor Theoretical Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
Satoshi NAKAZATOMI Professor Chinese Literature
Tasuke OKAMOTO Associate Professor American Literature, American Culture, Critical Theories
Masanori SATO Associate Professor Russian Culture and Thought 1890s-1930s
Noriko SATO Associate Professor French Literature of the 20th Century
Keiko SHIMOJO  Associate Professor American Literature
Shu AKIYOSHI Associate Professor Modern Chinese Literature, Comparative Literature between Japan and China
Takako SUZUKI Associate Professor Education and International Development
Hideko TANIGUCHI Professor English Literature, Gender, Children’s Literature, Comics, Pop Culture

users  Visiting Lecturers & Concurrent Posts

Jeremy Scott BOSTON Associate Professor His field is Applied Linguistics and Language Education. He is currently completing his Doctor of Education with specialty in Applied Linguistics through the University of Leicester (UK).
Gabrielle DECAMOUS Associate Professor Visual cultures, art and science, nuclear technology, modernity, post-colonialism
Stephen LAKER Associate Professor Linguistics
Ruben Gabriella Andries PAUWELS Associate Professor Historical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Contact Linguistics, Linguistic Borrowing, Origin of the Japanese Language, Proto-Japanese, Tungusic Languages, Proto-Tungusic
l Associate Professor Multilingual Teaching, Cognitive Linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Lacuna research and teaching material evaluation