Kyushu Debate Open 2018 (言語文化研究院共催、九州大学、文部科学省、外務省他後援)

Kyushu Debate Open 2018 (言語文化研究院共催、九州大学、文部科学省、外務省他後援)が、





Kyushu Debate Open 2018顧問
教授 井上奈良彦

Dear Colleagues,

Kyushu Debate Open 2018 (co-sponsored by the Faculty of Languages &
Cultures, supported by Kyushu University, the MEXT, the MOFA, etc.) will be

at the Ito Campus (Center Zone Building 1)
from tomorrow (August 18th and 19th). Opening at 9:00
Schedule in detail:

Please support the Tournament by coming to watch debates and sharing this
info with others.

This is the first “Worlds” or “British Parliamentary Debate” tournament
open to the public, fully committed to the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development
Goals). Debate motions will be related to the SDGs; the management process
is also committed to the SDGs; for example, the tournament will try to keep
the food loss/waste minimum and the committee is helping novice
participants to develop debating skills, which are essential to achieve the
development goals. The tournament is also a learning process of management
and intercultural communication for students on the organizing committee,
who have been preparing for the tournament with assistance from veteran
debate coaches and faculty members. (They will receive a university credit
based on this management experience.)

More than 70 teams from several countries will compete in multiple
preliminary rounds leading to the elimination tournament on the second day.
Debaters range from high-school students to university instructors, though
the majority is college students. Adjudicators (judges) are also invited
from several countries and they will also be evaluated in the preliminary
rounds to judge in the top rounds on the second day. The tournament will
be an opportunity for the participants to test their debating skills, to
learn the SDGs, to exchange ideas with other participants, and to enjoy a
glimpse of “Hakata”/”Itoshima” local life (foods, natural beauties, etc.).

Details in English:
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Press Release in Japanese:

Narahiko INOUE
Faculty Advisor to Kyushu Debate Open 2018

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