Call for Papers for The Journal of the International Society for Teaching Debate

【Call for Papers for the 3rd volume】

Debate and Argumentation Education   
The Journal of the International Society for Teaching Debate

ISSN 2433-3514
(Digital publication:

The Journal of the International Society for Teaching Debate (ISTD) solicits manuscripts following the submission policies and guidelines below. ISTD has published the first volume of the journal in 2017, and is now inviting scholars to submit manuscripts for the third volume. ISTD plans to publish the journal online once a year.

Editor-in-chief: Jiro HASUMI, hasumi★
Executive committee: istdebate★

Paper submission deadline  23:59 (JST), December 30, 2019
(Late submissions will be considered for publication in the next volume.)


  1. Aim

The aim of the Journal is to publish the findings of research and practical reports in argumentation and debate education by members of ISTD, and researchers and educators who are involved in related fields.

  1. Theme and topics

The Journal accepts manuscripts on topics, including, but not limited to, theory, practice, and report that help improve argumentation and debate education.

  1. Eligibility

Only members of ISTD are eligible for submission. Authors who are non-ISTD members will be asked to become its member upon the submission of the manuscript.  [Note:the current membership is free of charge.]

  1. Paper submission

Authors must submit their manuscripts in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx filename extention) to our designated editor via email. Although the Journal accepts submissions in pdf format, it encourages submissions in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).

  1. Format guidelines
  2. ISTD accepts submissions in Japanese (16,000 words maximum) and English (6,000 words maximum) including footnotes, charts, and other references.
  3. Manuscripts in Japanese must comply with the latest edition of the JPA (Japanese Psychology Association) 「心理学研究」の投稿原稿作り方. Manuscripts in English must comply with the latest edition of APA (American Psychology Association). ISTD also offers the style templates upon request.
  4. Please write only the title (Japanese and English) and the abstract before the body of your paper.
  1. Submission deadline

The ISTD announces the submission deadline online. (the deadline has been stated above)

  1. Peer review

This journal uses single/double blind review. The ISTD may obtain reviews from more than two reviewers if necessary. The title of the paper (Japanese and English), authors’ names, affiliation, and email address must not appear on the body pages of the paper.  To facilitate the peer review process, authors need to avoid using language that reveals their identity, such as their name of the university.

  1. Notification of the review results

The Editor-in-Chief or the Executive Office  will notify the authors based on the reviewers’ assessment. The possibilities are:

  1. Accept without editorial revisions
  2. Accept with editorial revisions
  3. Revisions are necessary for a resubmission
  4. Reject

In the case of b, further revisions are required. The Editor-in-chief may recommend the author(s) to publish the manuscript as either “research note” or “practice report”, instead of “research paper”.