Japan-U.S. Exchange Debate 2015


(1) Lecture:
16:40-18:10. Ito Campus Building 2 Classroom 2106
“The Place of Debate in American Politics”

by Dr. Theodore F. Sheckels, Professor of English and Communication Studies and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia

(2) Parliamentary Debate:
18:30-20:00. Classroom 2106
Topic: To be announced.
ESS Team VS the US Team

(3) Visit to a Debate Class (Please contact Professor Inoue)
10:30-12:00. Building 1 Room 1607
Resolved: That All Whale Hunting Should Be Banned.
Demo Policy Debate with International Students

The US team will debate with high school teachers in Shuyukan High School next day. The entire schedule of the US team is here: