Call for participants of overseas debate competitions (Financial support is available) 2016.11-2017.3

Dear students of Kyushu University,

We are happy to announce a financial assistance program to those students who will participate in international debate competitions.

Eligible students: undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Kyushu University.

Eligible competitions: overseas debating competitions held between November 2016 and March 2017.

Financial support: traveling between Fukuoka and the venue of the competition based on the availability of the fund and the number of applicants.

Requirements: The successful applicants must write a report detailing how their participation in the overseas debate change them in such areas as communication skills, perception of the self and other cultures, etc. They are asked to keep a diary of their debating practices and related activities/thoughts before, during, and after the competition.

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit the following to <> before November 11th (Friday)

(1) Essay to explain why you want to participate in the debate competition (about 500 words in English)

(2) Program or similar document of the debate competition

(3) Documents for funding required for successful candidates



SELECTION is based on the application documents and interviews, which will be scheduled for individual applicants.

For more details, please contact Professor Narahiko INOUE (Faculty of Languages & Cultures)