Kyushu Debate Workshop (Judging Academic Debate)

This is a half day hands-on workshop for prospective teachers of academic debate in schools and universities, focusing on judging. An experienced debate instructor will explain how to judge a formal debate and the participants will watch and try to judge a demonstration debate using this year’s high school topic in Japan. Although primarily for instructors, anyone interested in debating including high school and college students are welcome.

Target: General、High school students、Current students and Staffs、Others
Dates: 2017.02.17 [Fri] 13:00 ~18:10
Venue: Ito Campus
Venue name: Center Zone, Building 2, Ito Campus, Kyushu University
Venue address: 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City
Seating capacity: In order of arrival 30People
Participation fee: Free of charge

Application method Advanced registration required
Please apply by these method.
※If we receive more applications than 30 people, we will probably be able to find a larger classroom to accommodate all the applicants.
Application period 2017.01.29[Sun] – 2017.02.16[Thu]
Event details

Debate Judge Workshop for Prospective Teachers and Coaches
sponsored by the Faculty of Languages & Cultures taught by Dr. Joseph Zompetti, Professor of Communication, Illinois State University (U.S.A.) and Ms. Shanna Carlson, Director of Debate, Illinois State University.

13:00-14:30: Session 1. Lecture: How to judge debate.
14:50-16:20: Session 2. Demonstration debate.
(Resolved: that the Japanese government should introduce a basic income.)
16:40-18:10: Session 3. Post-debate critique.

Note: This is part of Kyushu University’s intensive debate course for undergraduate students from February 14th to February 18th(Kyushu-Ewha Joint Winter Debate 2017 Debating Japan’s Social Security Policy in English ). Only Kyushu University students can officially register the course but others may contact Professor Inoue for observing other sessions in the course.

Name: Narahiko INOUE
TEL: 092-802-5747
Mail: debate★
Please change ★ to @.
Publishing period 2017.01.29[Sun] – 2017.02.21[Tue]
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